It’s no coincidence that my name, Puddy, rhymes with “Buddy!” I’m a five-year old brindle boxer and pit bull mix, and I’ve got the best of both breeds. I’m strong, friendly, calm, and…did I mention friendly?

To be honest, this kennel life doesn’t agree with me. I was abandoned at a boarding kennel – my owner checked me in when he had to go to the hospital, but he never came back to get me! Then I came to Animal Friends. It isn’t too bad but sometimes I don’t like it when the other dogs all bark at once. I get along pretty well with other animals, but I lived in a nice quiet home for years – that’s what I’m used to!
I’m very calm and a great walker. If you want me to slow down or not pull at the leash so much, just let me know! I’m happiest when I’m hanging out with one of my human friends, and I’d love to get a new master, maybe someone who can help me with the diet they’ve put me on. I get along well with kids as long as they don’t want someone jumping up and playing all day – I’m a mature dog and past all that puppy stuff. But hey, if you come on down to Animal Friends, I’ll still give you a great big kiss. Because that’s the kind of dog I am!