Hey, so we all have to deal with soap scum, it’s gross but unless your paying a cleaning crew to come into your house and deal with it for you your going to have to eventually face it.  We found a bathroom that  was in dire need of a good scrubbing down and  headed into the Garage to find some cleaning products to help us tackle the job. We had heard that Wizards Crud Release kicked Ass on household tasks so we wanted to give it a run on the this bathroom full of soap scum.  All we did was spray it on, let it site for about 2 minutes and rinsed it off. Take a look at the results…..  Yup, we’d have to say that it kicks ass. We haven’t found another cleaning product that you can spray on and wash off with this type of result….  Don’t forget this product can be used on the stuff in your Garage and your home!