No, don’t expect the next great smart comedy, or witty written, twisty, totally different style of a comedy, thats not what your going toget. What you will get is straight up dumb-ass silly non-stop laughs. We hate to admit that this movie was funny because it had stupid written all over it, but DAM did we laugh out loud, like the whole time, and so did the rest of the theatre.   Wahlberg and Ferrell actually make a great comedy duo, who would have guessed?  If your looking for a flick to throw a smile on your face and bring out the laughs, you won’t be disappointed. Leave your expectations of smart comedy at the door though, you won’t be getting that, and just admit it, it’s FUNNY……………..

Because “The Other Guys” made us genuinely laugh out loud so much this flick is getting 4 spark plugs, Go see it!