Know Your Limits.. Speeding Gets You Nowhere Fast.

This is am important, critical reminder in honor of a talented young man by  the name of Austin Guerra. At about 8:30 pm on August 8th 2010 Austin Guerra was involved in a car accident. He suffered two broken femurs and major head trauma. To those who know him, he is like family, and to those who don’t, he is a one of a kind person.

Austin’s family and friends have been so supportive of Austin, who is still in the hospital today receiving treatment for his life threatening injuries.  That amazing group of people gathered together to find something positive out of all of this, a message that can so easily be ignored.   SPEEDING…….

These young kids worked together to pull off a vigil car cruise for Austin and at the same time carry that important message. So Please take a look at the video, see how many lives Austin has touched and remember, Know Your Limits.. Speeding Gets You Nowhere Fast. As we are all enthusiasts of  the toys in our Garage, weather it be go-karts, cars, motorcycles or ATV’s, remember to think twice before acting reckless.

A special note to Austin; You are a very loved young man, you have so many friends and family praying for you, stay strong and all of us here at Garage-Girls will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers!