From Adam.

“We got our animals from Crossroads Shelter in Buffalo, MN – near our home. Before we were married, my wife, Megan, and I used to take dates to the local shelters to visit the animals and donate toys and food. We always had a great time and the staff was always so appreciative. It was inevitable that we would end up taking one of these cute little guys home – probably my plan all along. I always had dogs growing up and Megan always had cats. She told me that if I was going to get a dog, we had to get a cat for her too. So it was settled, we were after a cat and a dog. We went back to the shelters for another play date. At the local Humane Society we found a tabby kitten and a lab mix puppy. We put them in a room together and it was clear it was not a match made in heaven. We decided we’d try again at Crossroads just down the road. There we found an adorable 16 week old black lab mix named Oreo (due to her white striped chest) and a tiny 12 week old Turkish Angora kitten named Squigy. After seeing that they weren’t going to kill each other when they met, we took them to their new home. We changed their names to Lilo (dog) and Stitch (cat). They’re almost 7 years old now and, as you can see from the pictures, they “tolerate” each other.”

Thanks for sharing Adam, there is no more rewarding love than from that of an adoption pet!