As you all know everyone here at Garage-Girls are supporters of Animal Adoption,  Sara is a volunteer at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh and we proudly support all they do.  In hopes to encourage more people  to adopt we asked that you, our friends send in your adoption Success stories, this one will warm your heart sent in by the Peacock Family… If you would like to share your story with photo please send to

“My husband and I adopted our Black Lab, Bobo in 2001.  He was about 3 when we got him. He has been the best dog ever and goes just about everywhere with us.  A funny story is last year our family which includes my husband, daughter Lily (9), daughter Willow (5), Bobo who is now about 12 and myself traveled to North Carolina together for a nine hour trip in a Lincoln Town car yes, all of us in that car!  Haha,  Well after a few hours of Bobo being basically on top of Willow while she slept, I turned around and was like “Move over Bobo what is wrong with you!?!?”.  Well Bobo’s collar tag had gotten caught in Willows hair and he couldn’t move, and he had drooled all over her head!! We laughed so hard!  Another funny thing about Bobo is he lets himself out and in the front screen door, we always joke that if he just had pose-able thumbs he would move out and get a job!    Lastly, he cannot be left at home with any windows open, and I stress any!!!  We have a 2 story home that we have returned to, only to find Bobo had riped the screen and jumped on to our covered porch to let himself out!!!!!  This has happened 3 times, we left them open 2 times on purpose because we just couldn’t believe he would do this!!!

Bobo is the most wonderful dog anyone could ask for, we are blessed to be the family that has gotten to share so many years with him and when it is his time to leave us, we know we will have a special angel dog in heaven and never will we find another one on earth like Bobo!”   Thanks, The Peacock Family