Spectro Oils has recently gotten on board with The PowerSport Institute of Cleveland Ohio to help train students on motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, Utility Vehicles and watercraft.
Spectro Performance Oil products span the complete range of full synthetic and petroleum lubricants for all classes of “powersports” engines and transmission applications.  The Spectro line also includes a wide range of suspension fluids, fork oils, brake fluids, coolants, chain lubes/waxes, filter cleaners and oils, and protection/appearance products. In addition Spectro offers technical assistance, specialty blending and manufacturing services, and provides customized products for motorcycle and automobile engines, transmissions, drive train builders and racing teams.
Bernie Thompson, Campus Director of PowerSport Institute, said, “The wide range of excellent Spectro products is a great fit for us.  Spectro has brought us the opportunity and expertise to  provide additional knowledge to our students on quality lubricants they will be using in the field.” To learn more about the PowerSport Institute visit the site here