I realize I look just a tad grumpy in my picture here, but when you find out how I arrived, you’ll understand. Somebody just left me here outside the volunteer entrance to the shelter. I don’t think I did anything wrong, but for whatever reason I wound up here.
Since nobody provided any background to accompany me, I can’t even tell you what happened to my tail. I still have a bit of one, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that mine doesn’t look like the other cat tails in this place. Lucky for me its loss does not interfere with me in any physical way, and the other cats have been nice about not making fun of me.
I think people are ok. I want to interact with them on my terms. If I want my ears or back scratched, I’ll come over to you. And, at this point, I am definitely not a lap cat. By the way, I really like to be brushed down my back. So if you are in the socialization room with me, please make sure you have a brush or comb handy. See what a polite cat I am; I said please!
Like all the others here, I’m looking for my own home. If you don’t mind me setting the interaction rules, then perhaps I’m the one for you!  Please come meet me at Animal Friends!