Doodles is a gorgeous, happy little terrier that you may see leaping into the air one moment as if on a pogo stick and then cuddling with a volunteer the next. This sweet, entertaining, bouncy guy walks great on a leash and will jump onto a bench to snuggle up to a volunteer.
On a recent outing to the park, Doodles walked well with other dogs and rode very well in the car. Doodles is a bright, high-energy dog who would excel in obedience training and with an active family who has terrier experience and older or no children. Parson Russell Terriers are very intelligent dogs who thrive when given lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

Are you looking for an adorable companion for long walks and who would be great fun learning tricks and commands in behavior classes? If so, silly little Doodles is your guy! Come meet Doodles at Animal Friends today!