Hi, there. I’m Bubba Boo and I am one handsome cat, if I do say so myself. Don’t let my picture over there fool you. I’m a playing fool! If you have it, I’ll play with it, whether it’s toy mice, string toys or a laser pointer.

Even though I’m a young cat with plenty of play left in me, I’m actually very gentle. I used to live with kids, both older and younger, and I got along with them very well. They were very gentle with me and I loved that.
I would thrive in a controlled environment. With so many people coming and going in my former home, I used to sneak out a lot. The world can be scary for a cat and it would be best if I can watch it from the inside.
So what do you think? Won’t you come down to Animal Friends to meet me? I hope that we can be friends!