By, Laura Klock
Our Klock Werks family is a group of animal and people lovers. We are so fortunate that there is such a spirit of service and caring amongst our team. Within our core Klock Werks team we represent many different groups in our community from myself as VP of the Mitchell Area Safehouse Foundation Board, to the CASA program, Food Fight, the Rodeo Committee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Celebrate Recovery, MTI, and the Humane Society. And because of our team member Dan Cheeseman’s involvement in the Humane Society, we get the email alerts when a pet needs a home. I’m focusing on that one today, because my immediate family was recently affected by a photo that was sent, and now we have a new member of our family!
Her name is Lola Starr and she is a pit mix that was left at the vet’s office with a broken leg. They weren’t able to save her left leg, and had to amputate. Unfortunately her owners didn’t come pick her up, so she went to the Humane Society and ended up at my friend Michelle’s house as she fosters pets that need homes. Lola’s photo touched me and I just couldn’t shake the feeling, so I started introducing the idea to my husband Brian. After a week or so, it became “PLEASE BRIAN, I won’t ask for anything for a long time!!” (yes, I reverted to the actions of a 3rd grader) I really felt that she was supposed to be with us!
My husband has a big heart too – and he eventually said yes! Lola came to live with us on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. She is about 5 months old, and she is an angel! She gets along with Tae, our husky, and Q, our sheltie, just fine! She has an amazing spirit, gets around great on her 3 legs, and learns really quick. She wrestles with Tae at home, and sleeps in my office next to me while I work all day. She makes me smile. I was reflecting on the people that God has placed in my life…some to give me a message and others for me to influence – but I know there are no coincidences. And for us, that is how it’s been with our pets too! There is a story about how Q (his name on paper is Explosive GQ Special Edition which is a mouthful – so we call him Q) ended up in our home, and Tae too – he just showed up one day needing a home. Neither of those pets were planned but each have served such an amazing purpose in our lives. God placed them there. So, it really was no surprise that the next addition would be equally as special….and she is, our Lola Starr.