Ever wonder what it would be like to have a BAKER DD6, DD7 or a Reverse system like the F5R or F6R? Wonder no longer! This month BAKER Drivetrain launches the “Try It Before You Buy It’ Program, an initiative designed to make it easier for Baker dealers to purchase a BAKER transmission for demo purposes – and for the retail public to know where to go to give one of these innovations a try.
Baker wants it’s dealers to be armed with the education and first-hand experience of installing and using some of the companies most popular touring bike drivetrain products. Giving them the opportunity to participate in this program benefits everyone. It allows the dealers the open door to the BAKER world of product and the chance to try it for themselves. This makes it much easier to demo and sell the product to the rest of the world. This program gives everyone the opportunity to experience the performance advantages of the BAKER Drivetrain family of products through real life riding experiences, before making that ever important purchase decision!
If you’re interested in a demo and would like to find a participating dealer be sure to check out the BAKER website and facebook page. All dealers participating in the program will be added to this list each week.  Let your favorite dealer know that you’d like them to be a participant, and let us know which dealer’s you’d like to see participating in the program!
Baker will also be doing demos on these products in the BAKER booth at all major bike rallies. Check the website to see the show tour and if Baker will be in your neck of the woods soon!
The BAKER Try It Before You Buy It promo is available for the DD6, DD7, F5R and F6R product families. For more information on these Drivetrain Innovations, or on participating dealers in your area, visit www.bakerdrivetrain.com or call toll free: 1-877-640-2004.