9 year old beagle mix
Howdy, I’m Levi Too! Let’s start by saying this: I’ve heard all the weight jokes. Yes, I need to lose a few pounds. Well, more like a few dozen pounds. You may wonder how I ended up in this situation, and lemme tell you, it’s no fun.

I was brought to Animal Friends after my old owners let me get into this condition. It’s really not my fault! If people keep putting food in front of me and don’t exercise me, let alone take me to the vet, how am I supposed to keep my weight down? It got so bad that I couldn’t even move on my own. You should have seen me when I first got here! The volunteers would put me in a wagon or a sling to take me for a walk. But even then I loved getting outside – my tail would thump away as I smelled the grass and looked up at the volunteers who took care of me.

My diet is progressing well now – I’ve already lost a lot of weight but I’m hoping to lose more. I’m actually a very sweet dog. I love people and crave their attention.

I know that I can be a handful with my condition. I’m really progressing and loosing weight already. I can’t wait until I can start to take walks again and get back in shape. But for now I’d love to be a member of your household and relax at your feet. Do you have room for a big, round snugglebug at your house? Come meet me today at Animal Friends!