Wizards Products is excited to announce the addition of its new MYSTIC Buffing System. Over two years in development, these products use exclusive “Nano-Sphere Technology” incorporating the latest Nano abrasives.
MYSTIC CUT™ Compound offers progressive cutting action with no grit, easily removing 1200-2000 grit scratches while leaving an intense, swirl-free, gloss. It is an excellent all around compound for removing severe swirls, defects, fading and water spotting, without the gritty mess other compounds leave behind. The easy-to-clean, water based system contains no wax, silicone or crystalline silica.
MYSTIC POLISH™ Machine Glaze uses the same exclusive “Nano-Sphere Technology” to produce a deep, vibrant finish. Used as a standalone polish or final step in the buffing process, MYSTIC POLISH™ quickly removes swirls, light scratches, spider webbing and mild imperfections. MYSTIC POLISH™ contains no wax or silicone and is safe for all paints.
MYSTIC CUT™ Compound and MYSTIC POLISH™ Machine Glaze are available in 32 oz. and gallon sizes.
For more information on the MYSTIC Buffing System or any other WIZARDS® products, please visit www.WizardsProducts.com or call 800-356-7223.