We love these strength bands, they offer an awesome quick workout when you are strapped on time or if you are traveling. No need to try to carry extra weight around, forget the dumbbells, pack a strength band in your bag, takes up less space and weighs next to nothing.
Here is an ultra-quick workout that targets the major muscles of the body for a quick, efficient workout.  This won’t take the place of a complete total body program, but it’s great for maintaining fitness without spending a lot of time exercising.  For this workout you’ll need a light-medium weight resistance band and a chair.
• Warm up with a few minutes of walking in place
• Do each exercise for about 1 minute (add more sets if you have time)
• Go slowly to really work your muscles
• If you don’t have a resistance band, use full water bottles as dumbbells or nothing at all
Pushups Pushups work your arms, chest, abs and back and you don’t need any equipment. Do them on your knees (easier) or toes and keep your back straight (no sagging) and your head in neutral alignment. Keep abs tight as you lower and exhale as you push back up. Do as many as you can for one minute and move on.
Plie Squats w/ Biceps Curls Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes turned out and resistance band stretched beneath feet. Keeping the band taut, lower into a plie, keeping knees in line (and behind) toes and curl arms up. Lower the arms and push into the heels to stand up. Repeat for 1 minute.
One-legged Squat with Shoulder Press Stand with right foot on band and left foot lifted a few inches off the ground. Hold the other band in the right hand just over the shoulder and hold onto a chair. Bend knee and lower into a one-legged squat (butt back, knee behind toe). As you press back up, push the right arm up in an overhead press. Do about 16 and switch to the other side.
Deadlift with Band Row Stand on band and pull it tight, hands in front of thighs. Keeping back flat, tip from the hips and bring hands down the legs to mid shin. At the bottom of the movement, bend elbows and pull them up to your ribcage, contracting the back. Lower the arms and stand back up, repeating for 1 minute.
Triceps Dips Find a chair or solid object and sit on it with hands next to hips. Move hips in front of chair and, keeping butt close to the chair, bend the elbows and lower a few inches. Don’t sink into the shoulder or lower past 90 degrees. Repeat for one minute.
Side Plank Ab Twist Lie on your side and push up so that your body is supported by right hand (or bent forearm), feet stacked. Straighten left arm and sweep it down, twisting your body and turning shoulders towards the floor (hips don’t move). Do it on the other side and then hit the beach.