Journeys, Two-Up: On the Road through Grief to Renewal, by Ray Uloth, offers
one man’s insight on his struggle to cope with the death of his wife,
Markie, from breast cancer.
In motorcycle slang, two-up means riding with a passenger. Aboard
Gladys, his motorcycle, Uloth treats the reader as his passenger on a
trek across the U.S. and a tour of the ancient Middle East. Journeys,
Two-Up is a road journal that tells a story of adventure and exploration
as a means of coming to terms with grief and loss.
Journeys, Two-Up is organized chronologically and told in the first
person present tense to truly give the reader the feeling of sharing the
ride. On his journey, Uloth draws metaphorical value from intriguing
fellow travelers, historical anecdotes, dangers encountered, natural
wonders and his own brush with death. Journeys, Two-Up tells of a
personal odyssey filled with humor as well as emotional and spiritual
insight. Uloth believes that while sorrow is a universal human condition,
each person experiences it differently. As Uloth puts it, when it came to
sorrow, he took a path less traveled and it made all the difference in
his chance to live and love again. “Journeys, Two-Up connects me with what I know in my heart to be true, what Markie would have hoped for me and a glimpse at the dawn of a brighter future,” writes Uloth. Journeys, Two-Up: On the Road through Grief to Renewal is available online at and other online channels.
About the Author
Ray Uloth had a varied professional career as reporter and columnist, high school English teacher, college dean, Outward Bound instructor, corporate trainer, executive, management consultant and executive coach. He now lives and writes on his ranch in Gold Hill.