10 Year old German shepherd
Steph was rescued from a situation where she was neglected, but this has not stopped her from wishing for a loving home in which to spend her golden years. 

Steph is a calm dog who loves to be around people. Her handlers recently took her to a Pet Assisted Therapy Visit and described her as phenomenal. She let everyone pet her and gave out kisses. Steph already knows how to sit, and lie down. She loves to play ball and will bring it back as many times as you will throw it. Steph walks great on a leash and seems to get along well with other docile dogs.

If you are a loving family or person who could provide Steph with a loving peaceful adult home where she could spend her golden years, she would be extremely grateful to you. The experience of providing a neglected pooch with the loving family she never had, is unlike anything else you will experience in life. Steph would repay your kindness with unconditional love and friendship. She will even throw in a few of her great kisses if you will let her. If you think you are the family for Steph, she is anxiously awaiting to come home with you. Meet her today at Animal Friends!