Check this guy out, his work is amazing and for us car lovers a treasure, what a way to hold onto a piece of something that can no longer sustain it’s original life form.
James Corbett, a 46-year-old  Australian artist uses remnants of old cars of the 1950s and ‘ 60s.
His sculptures are worth thousands of dollars. 
 One of the pieces, a ram of spark plugs, sold for a whopping $23,000
He said: “I was working in a warehouse of scrap and type I know, that ran race stock cars, I was shown one of the winning race trophy’s  with levers of change.” “I looked at it and I thought that I could do a much better job so I started making my own sculptures.”
James says that welding and the sculpture of the parts is not the part that consumes most of his time.  “Often the longest part of the process is finding old parts suitable for sculpture.”    Check him out online here