If you find yourself in the market for a vechile with better fuel mileage this year be sure to read this for some great info available to you.
It’s never been easier to put a fuel-efficient auto on your shopping list.  New government data released recently shows that automakers are offering more models that run on alternative fuels and use less gasoline.
“The good news for consumers is that competition among automakers is driving progress.  Auto manufacturers are racing each other to bring fuel-efficient autos to market,” said Dave McCurdy, President & CEO, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.  “When it comes to determining the success of energy-efficient technologies, consumers are in the driver’s seat.  As automakers, our job is to develop and introduce vehicles that run on alternative fuels or deploy energy saving technologies.”
In the federal government’s new 2011 Fuel Economy Guide, (available at  www.fueleconomy.gov ) more than 160 models are listed that achieve high mileage, in excess of 30 mpg (highway).  This guide offers special online search functions for “advanced technology” vehicles that run on alternative fuels, including biofuels, compressed natural gas, clean diesel and electricity.
In addition to new types of powertrains that operate on alternative fuels, automakers are manufacturing gasoline engines with a range of fuel-sipping technologies such as start/stop systems, cylinder deactivation and 6-speed automatic transmissions.  However, the government guide does not list all these technologies, so consumers should ask their dealer about options when seeking a new vehicle.
The number of high-mileage vehicles on sale will continue to grow in coming months as automakers introduce new 2011 models.  As many as a dozen new conventional hybrids will be available to consumers, and several types of electric vehicles will enter the marketplace later in the year.