Heidi is an affectionate and mild-mannered Pit Bull mix who was abandoned and found on the street in a nearby county. She was brought back to Animal Friends and is so content to be safe, warm and cared for. Although, what she hopes for most of all is to find a loving and caring forever home where she can take walks on a leash and chew on her favorite toy – a pig’s ear.

Heidi would do best in a home with older children, and one where she would be the only dog. This sweet senior has had enough excitement in her lifetime and she looks forward to lounging around in her “golden years.” She has lots of love and affection to give. 

The staff and volunteers feel that Heidi would benefit, as well as enjoy, taking some of the classes here at Animal Friends with her new lifetime companion…it is such a great bonding experience.

If you have the loving, quiet home that Heidi is looking for……stop by the adoption desk at Animal Friends and arrange to meet her