The question we are most commonly asked is, “Why do we need to stabilize fuel?”     So, We have done lots of research to find the answer….
Overtime and more commonly with the use of ethanol based fuels
gum, Carbon and varnish deposits will modify how gas and diesel burn, this results in Incomplete combustion, which not only wastes fuel, but it also causes a buildup of harmful carbon deposits that further reduce engine efficiency and tougher starting.
Recently while digging into this topic we have heard a lot of people talking about Star Tron as a great fuel additive enzyme treatment.
The enzyme package breaks down fuel sludge and allows water to be dispersed throughout the fuel as sub-micron sized droplets that can be eliminated as the engine operates while also cleaning the entire fuel delivery system. Contaminants are either safely burned off or filtered out, and fuel chemistry is stabilized for long-term storage.
Why is it so important to stabilize fuel during periods of storage?
Diesel fuel and gasoline are not formulated to be stored for more than 90 days. After this period of time they begin to oxidize, forming sludge, varnish, gum and other harmful deposits. The ability of the fuel to burn properly is diminished as its chemical components start to break down. Once hydrocarbon fuels deteriorate, the process of cleaning and rejuvenating them is extremely expensive. No one wants that bill when spring time finally rolls around… Preventing gum and varnish buildup is critical for good gasoline performance. This is especially important in E-10 fuel, where the introduction of ethanol into the fuel delivery system may cause old gums and varnish to break off tank walls and contaminate the fuel.
We also learned that Star Tron is not affected by and does not affect any fuel treatment that may already be in use. There is no possibility of any negative chemical interaction. It is formulated for use in all 2 and 4-cycle gasoline engines and in all diesel engines.
Star Tron uses its enzyme technology to maintain fuel quality and slow the deterioration of fuel components. Gasoline or Diesel fuel treated with Star Tron has a shelf life in excess of two years.
So, to sum it up, treat your fuel before storing your bike, car, lawn mower, whatever, this way when you do start it up that initial time you will have no problems and more importantly no expensive service bill as you have to pay to have your carb or injectors cleaned out….
UPDATE, we received this question from Victoria and Rollin from Spectro Oils has given us some info to share;
Is it okay to use it when you ride your bike a few times during the winter? Or only when sitting it away for a few months at a time? I didn’t know about fuel stablizers i often wondered though about additives for the fuel tank. Thanks for this article! As always you ladies Rock!”

It’s ok to operate your bike with fuel stabilizer in it. It won’t cause any problems, and is perfectly ok to do.
With the current 10% ethanol/ gas mix that’s mandated by our government, it’s a good idea to use a fuel stabilizer / additive such as Spectro Fuel conditioner year round. It will counteract the negative effects of ethanol, keep your fuel system clean and prevent rust and corrosion. The government is proposing moving to E15 (15% ethanol) which will only make the situation worse.”      Thanks to Victoria for sending in the question and to Rollin for helping out!