10 month old domestic longhair
Hello there!  My name is Lemmie and my purr can fill a stadium, like a true Motorhead. Keep on reading for more information on my rockin’ lifestyle. 

In addition to my gorgeous long fur, there are two distinct features you will notice about me: one white facial whisker and an eartip. The whisker is genetic. The eartip is from my recent days in a feral colony. This past summer, my littermates and I were clever enough to take up residence in the back yard of an Animal Friends employee. After feeding the four of us for several days, she determined that we were feral and immediately proceeded to trap, neuter and return all of us. I was neutered, tested, got all of my shots and was returned with the rest of the colony to live outside. For a while, that was our daily life and we were happy. Imagine my caretaker’s surprise when my sister and I decided that humans are pretty cool and we started to let her get close to us while eating. That turned into petting, petting turned into picking up, picking up turned into eventual socialization. It took a few months of daily sessions outside with us, learning how to like humans and how to use our chirpy meows to communicate. My sister jumped on the “I would rather live inside where it is warm” bandwagon first and our caretaker took her inside to live the life of leisure with her other spoiled cats. A month or so later, it was my turn to be placed in a carrier and brought to Animal Friends for placement. I am looking for a forever home that will brush me everyday, indulge my love of catnip and let me be all that an indoor cat can be. I have put my past behind me and am ready to lounge on the couch, play with cat toys and eat like a king. I respect my two siblings that remain feral and are well cared for outside. Me, I like being on this side: having the opportunity to be a cherished indoor feline. I will make a great addition to your family and get along with other cats. Come see me at Animal Friends today!