If you have a bike with a final drive chain, street or dirt your biggest gripe is the maintenance of the chain and the filth that goes along with it. Well things are about to change….Spetro oil announces Z-Clean Chain Lube, a dramatically effective new chain lube that does more of what you want done, and less of what you don’t.
Spectro Z-Clean Chain Lube’s special zinc formulation provides unsurpassed anti-wear protection, resulting in longer chain and sprocket life.
Now for the best part…… the zinc formulation of Z-Clean does not attract dirt, sand or grit, and so will not fling off when used as directed. Suitable for O-ring and roller type chains, both for on-road and off-road use, Z-Clean is the next generation in chain lubrication.
So if your sick of the grime form your chain, head over to the Spectro website and check this stuff out…