9 month old Jersey wooly
Have you ever seen a more handsome rabbit than me? I bet you haven’t! Besides being handsome, I am also calm and a bit shy. I like to be held, but I will come to you when I want attention.
I also like to be groomed and it’s a good thing, because I have a lot of fur! I’ll need to be brushed every day to keep my fur looking nice and neat, but you’ll like grooming me as much as I like being groomed, I promise!
 I really like exploring my environment and I hope that you’ll let me investigate my new home thoroughly. My foster mom said that I am almost litter box trained and with a little bit of patience, I’m sure that I’ll have it down pat in no time.

If you’re looking for a handsome and affectionate rabbit, I’m sure you can’t do any better than me. I hope that you have the forever home I’ve been waiting for! Please come met me at Animal Friends