This big, sweet gray and white fellow named Tadi is very mature and confident. His name means “Wind Child” in a Native American language. 

At the age of 8, he’s ready to settle down with a nice, quiet family. But a family with children would be okay too, since he enjoys kids and loves to play with them. 

Tadi lived in his last home for 1 1/2 years, but his owner developed allergies and couldn’t afford to keep him. Before that, he was a stray with no permanent home. This might explain his wariness of other cats and some of his habits. With some commitment and persistence by his family, the certainty that he is loved by his humans, and some advice from our Adoption Team, he promises he can learn household habits.
Tadi loves to sit in your lap and cuddle. Tadi’s inquisitive face seems to say, “Cuddle me, hold me in your lap and pet me.” He sometimes hums along with you if you sing a song. Tadi would love to go home with you and promises he will try to be the best cat you ever had! Meet him today At Animal Friends.