Most of our readers remember their childhood days of hangin’ out in the Garage with their Dad, it’s how much of us got hooked into this “Garage” lifestyle.   Well times may have changed as far as what type of games, music and entertainment kids are into these days, but one thing will never go away…  The invaluable life lessons learned from hanging in the Garage with Dad. Listening to your Dad tell you stories of his memories of being in the Garage with his Dad, teaching you about tools and how to use them, Dad just sharing his knowledge with you, I guarantee each and every one of you have a memory from those days.  Our passion for the Garage lifestyle is still being instilled in little kids all across our country and today we want to share with you one lucky little girl that is getting the lessons of a lifetime all while having the best days of her life, hangin’ in the Garage with her Dad!
Here is our Garage-Girls Profile on Maggie Wood, a young lady who is going to be a mover and shaker in another decade or two. Maggie Grace Wood is the almost 6 year old daughter of Don and Shelly Wood. They live on a farm in the hills of Tennessee at a little dot on the map called Pleasant Shade.
GG: Where are you from?
MW: Pleasant Shade, TN
GG: How old are you?
MW: 5
GG: What are you in to?
MW: animals, swimming, going new places
GG: What do you collect:
MW: Barbies, Zoobles, Littlest Pet Shop
GG: Do you own a bike?
MW: A princess two-wheeler and a four wheeler
GG: What are your favorite subjects in school?
MW: Reading and math
GG: Do you help Daddy in his shop?
MW: yes, he likes me to help him
GG: What are your favorite tools?
MW: hammer and screwdriver
GG: What kind of bike or car do you want when you grow up?
MW: a yellow Harley Davidson and a yellow mustang
GG: Do you have any pets?
MW: yes, Two dogs, Tiki and Keaton and two cats, Butch and Sundance
GG: What do you want to learn how to do when you are older?
MW: cook and ride a motorcycle
GG: What do you do to relax?
MW: color, read, play on the computer, play outside in the creek
GG: What do you want to be when you grow up?
MW: a teacher like Mama
From Mom ,Shelly;
As she grows up a bit more, Maggie hopes to able to learn to cook from Mama, and ride her own motorcycle so she can go on trips with Mama and Daddy. Someday she would like to have a Harley Davidson of her own – no particular model at this point as long as it is yellow! A mustang would be her choice of a car to be able to drive.
While she enjoys helping Mama in the house and learning how to do girly things, some of her most special time is spent with Daddy out in his shop building. She absolutely loves to be Daddy’s little helper, and stands patiently waiting to hand him tools or put them back on the workbench. Her favorite tools at the moment are hammers and screwdrivers, and is delighted when Daddy lets her pound on something or try to tighten or loosen a screw. As she works with Daddy, they talk about any of the important things that she will need to know – “life lessons” to be gleaned from a man who has had a vast and varied life experience. She is not only learning what the tools are and how to use them, but also that the quality of tools has changed, and that brands once thought of as the best for the home handyman, such as Craftsman, aren’t always the right tools for the job anymore. Daddy is also teaching her that working in the shop is not just a skill, but when done with precision, detail, and devotion, it is a craft. She is also learning that it is important for her to learn to do many of these things for herself so that she will be self-sufficient and not dependent on others for some goods and services. The value and satisfaction of being able to do for herself will not only be gratifying, but she will not have reason to doubt the quality of the work. As they work, she hears stories from Daddy’s own childhood, of watching his father repair something because it needed it and was worth fixing, unlike the throwaway goods of today’s generation. These memories of Daddy’s are what fueled his curiosity of how things work, which has led to his desire to build choppers and restore vehicles, a love that he hopes to be able to pass along and share with Maggie.
Thanks to Don and Shelly for sharing The Garage Lifestyle with Maggie and passing on those invaluable life lessons to the next generation. Special thanks to Maggie for letting us share her story! If you have a Little Garage-Girl, send an email to and share the lifestyle!