How many of you have no problem putting in the hours at the gym, or going out on your own and getting a work-out in? Most of us can handle that part, it’s the eating right thing that can screw it all up…..  Well Garage-Girls is so excited about this new website that is totally FREE and an easy, did we mention easy  to use to keep your eating habits in check.  Everyone knows the simple equation; burn more calories than consumed and your on the path to weight loss. This math equation is so simple a 1st grader could do it…. So why do we have such a hard time with it?
Easy, because we don’t realize what we are putting into our mouths each day.   MyFitnesspal is going to change all that for you.  MyFitnessPal is a health and fitness community with easy to use tools to track your nutritional intake and exercise levels. The active community offers much needed motivation and support and best of all it’s 100% free.
We encourage you to log onto sign up and get to work.  You will create your profile asking you your age, weight and desired weight, with that information it is going to create a set target goal of calories you should be consuming daily to reach your goal. You will enter in how much exercise you did and what you ate for the day, the site will automatically do the math letting you know how many calories you have left to consume for the day.  Let me tell you when you have 6 calories left at the end of the day your thoughts of wanting that late night snack just completely disappear because you won’t want to go over your goal! It’s basically like weight watchers, but it’s FREE.  So go get on there and give us your thoughts on it, let us know if it’s helping you reach your goals! Send in your stories to