This Sunday May 8th, many of us will be celebrating the one woman responsible for so much in our lives. It’s a day to thank our “mums” for all they have done for us over the years, even though we owe them much gratitude everyday for the countless ways they have inspired, pushed and encouraged us in every way.  We decided to focus on one important kind of mom, the “Garage Mom”.  You know the mom who’s married to the guy that is constantly in the garage. He could be working on the family car, working on the lawn mower, maybe building a special dream car project or maybe just maintaining the street and dirt bikes.  The kids are usually hanging out in the garage with dad riding their bikes and getting a hand from Dad as they flip the bike over to lube the bicycle chains.  Sometimes Dad’s buddies will come over and lend Dad a hand and maybe chase the kids around.

Where is Mom while this is all going down? You can usually find Mom tending to the kids, maybe in the kitchen cleaning up after supper, hanging clothes out on the line, or right there next to Dad lending a hand. (maybe even showing him how to do it). She is always supportive and just genuinely loves spending time with her family sharing the moments that she knows are shaping her kids into the good people they will turn out to be. She knows the life lessons that will be shared in the garage are going to stick with her children over the years.  On a day when the family is going to take the cool family convertible to a car show mom always packs up the best lunches and goodie bags to take for the ride. She also always knows to grab a coat or sweatshirt for you as the air might get cooler on the ride home in the open convertible. We here at Garage-Girls salute all you “Garage Moms” and celebrate our own “Garage Moms”  here’s to creating memories in the Garage that will stay with the family forever!  Happy Mother’s Day!