If your in need of a good laugh out loud film we highly recommend this one. With Kristen Wig as one of the main writers and characters, how can you go wrong. We hail to the new queen of comedy, and this flick!

Bridesmaids is finally a humble honest look at what female friendships and interactions are really all about. The film has every aspect of a “girls life” rolled into a 2 hour comedy. You get to experience the single girl who’s life is literally falling apart from a failed professional life, to a relationship with a guy that wants nothing more but the “benefits” to trying to indulge her best friends happiness of engagement and take on the roll of becoming the maid of honor and planning all the events while her own life is such a mess.  Bridesmaids has something for everyone to relate to, including an embarrassing situation of food poisoning that takes place at a bridal shop, oh yes every girl loves to share a good “shit story” .   If we start to share more with you we will end up giving away the whole movie, so were going to leave it at this, Bridesmaids rocks, go see the movie, we give it 5 spark plugs!