All of us here at Garage-Girls are in awe of this Garage Savvy lady. Meet Amy Bass who in our opinion is the “Martha Stewart” of the cool Garage Lifestyle.  While keeping very busy being married to one of the most stand up guys in the motorcycling industry, Kevin “Teach” Bass, and raising 3 adorable little boys she also finds time to hone her craft of working with antiques and creating some of the most unique pieces of jewelry and couture household items, such as lamps, wind-chimes and ornamental decorative art we have even seen.  We recently asked Amy to share her life with us, check it out..
GG. where are you from?:
AB. Lakeville, MN
GG. what are you into?
AB. everything creative – upcycling vintage items into jewelry is what i’m most known for (hinges into bracelets, beer cans into cuffs, etc.). I have passion for rhinestones and hardware . . . LOVE metal, glass, rustic, vintage findings – love to “hunt” for objects!
GG. what do you like to do with your free time?
AB. what’s that?!
Spending time with my 3 fun boys – watching them dirt bike, 4 wheel and do anything active. I love riding any chance I get with my wonderful husband (Kevin Baas a.k.a. Teach) – just being a “normal” mom. I’m a full time freelance graphic designer and anything fun & creative is a total side gig. I’m extremely lucky to have the ability to stay home with my kids, make $ doing design and also have a creative outlet.
GG. How did you find your passion for your craft?
AB. As far as I can remember, I’ve been an extreme creative – I see things in a much different way than most people do – my love for “old” came from my mom & grandparents. They’re huge antique collectors and I remember spending summers at my grandparents antique market in the Detroit Lakes (MN) area. My grandmother got me into collecting spoons at a young age so I dedicated flatware bracelets to her – the “Millie” style. I’ve always been around vintage things and have a certain appreciation for them – such craft & beauty that we don’t see today!
GG. How long have you been doing it?
AB. Publicly, for 2 years . .  personally, my whole life
GG. What do you love most about your artwork?
AB. It’s 100% from MY brain & most items are one-of-a-kind AND AFFORDABLE! I’ve masted the idea that i can turn anything into jewelry! Very non-traditional pieces that have tons of creativity behind them . . . things that can’t be jewelry get turned into lighting, windchimes, or small flower vases.
GG. Do you have a sweet car or a motorcycle?
AB. Yes, i do!!! I have an old 1958 ironhead sportster and a sweet 1948 Dodge that is being rebuilt – hoping to get that on the road again this summer! My newest baby is an awesome 1942 knucklehead that kevin built this year – I’m dying to get on – need to master the jockey shift first!!!
GG. What are you most passionate about in life?
AB. #1. My family  . . . and helping my boys be the best boys they can be – respectful, thoughtful, fun kids!
#2. Never loosing my creative edge just b/c I’m a mom & wife.
GG. Is there anything you would love to learn to do?
AB. I’m always up for creative challenges but nothing sparks my interest right now – check back in a year and i’m sure it’ll change:)
GG. Where would you most like to visit?
AB. I lived in Germany for a few months in high school and LOVED it there . . . I’d like to do more traveling abroad but i also think there are so many undiscovered treasures right here in the good ‘ole USA! I can’t wait for our kids to be old enough to pile into a camper and just GO! I’d love to ride along the entire west coast someday.
GG. What is your idea of relaxing?
AB. Basking in the glow of our bedroom t.v. (sans kids) watching anything from Ghost Adventures to Real Housewives to Animal Planet . . . and tons of scary movies!
GG. What type of music do you normally listen to?
AB. such a wide variety!!! I love all music but I have a low tolerance for RAP . . . I’m a huge fan of .357 String Band which is usually the norm blaring on our garage. When I’m in the car with the boys it’s usually pop – which I normally am singing along to:)
GG. Do you collect anything?
AB. I have an obsession for big, huge rhinestone brooches. I’ve got old printer trays full of them that I just can’t touch – something about how beautiful they are just makes you want to sit and stare.
To see some of Amy’s beautiful creations visit her FB and other web pages page, you can even inquire about purchasing a piece, talk about a unique gift to give to someone special in your life!