Seems we are often asked by truck owners ” what is the best bed-liner solution?”, well while we personally haven’t used this product we just came across it and thought we should share with you guys.
MONSTALINER(TM) from Magnet Paints is a high-performance, UV
permanent, roll-on bed liner designed for easy installation
and owners don’t require any special skills or equipment to get
professional results.
Bed liners top the list of aftermarket jeep and pickup truck
accessories for protection against rust and damage to
vehicle surfaces. “If you’ve done your bed liner homework,”
says Eric Rosenthal, president and technical director of
Magnet Paints, “you’ve learned that professional
spray-installed liners can cost more than you feel like
spending. MONSTALINER(TM) is a highly durable,
do-it-yourself solution that provides truly professional looking results while costing hundreds less than expensive spray installations.”
Until now, every roll-on bedliner has used crumb tire rubber
granules to create surface texture. “MONSTALINER(TM) has literally reinvented the category for do-it-yourself products,” says Rosenthal. “Monstaliner contains no ground tire rubber and the texture is created only by the installation rollers. As MONSTALINER(TM) is rolled, texture
is pulled up from the coating and it cures with an eye-pleasing ‘orange peel’ bumpiness that is often mistaken for sprayed. There’s nothing to settle in the can and it has an amazingly uniform surface texture compared to the ‘dirt thrown in a glossy black paint job look’ of competitive products. MONSTALINER(TM) is very easy to clean and won’t trap dirt like rubber textured products which are all sandpaper rough,” he added.
MONSTALINER(TM) is also 100% UV permanent and carries a 5 Year Guarantee against fading, chalking or discoloration due to sunlight. Once installed, MONSTALINER(TM) requires little or no maintenance and continues looking great with no additional topcoats, sealants, or surface protection. Installed at up to 40 dry mils thick, MONSTALINER(TM) goes down in 2 thick coats. The two-component catalyzed coating
has an extremely long 8-hour pot life which eliminates the risk of spoiled material, enabling end-users of any skill level to complete their project with confidence and without the need for a spray guns, compressors or masking the entire vehicle to protect from overspray.
MONSTALINER(TM) is available in black and supplied in a variety of kit sizes with rollers and surface preparation tools included. MONSTALINER(TM) colors will be available shortly. For more information on MONSTALINER(TM) and to see an extensive archive of completed project photos, how-to videos and customer reviews,