Looking to treat your garage floor? Some new options have been added to the market like this new “anti-slip beads” non skid choice. So, of course we wanted to share this with you.
CarGuysFlooring.com, which already offers a wide range of epoxy choices, has added Clear Anti-Slip Beads as a non-skid additive option.
Previously, customers could choose up to 3 of 12 available color choices of fleck, or anti-slip chips. The addition of the Clear Anti-Slip Beads allows for even more style options in their DIY garage floor paint kits.
In addition to complete epoxy flooring kits for any size space, visitors   toCarGuysFlooring.com can make use of the Resource & FAQ section, which addresses questions and concerns regarding garage floor epoxy and its installation procedures. Questions like “How do I install Car Guys epoxy flooring?”; “What if I have an existing garage floor coating?”; and “Why does the floor need to be prepped?” are paired with informative answers presented in layman’s terms.
CarGuysFlooring.com also offers an Interactive Floor Designer to help website users better visualize what their epoxy garage floor paint will look like when it’s complete.
Customers can test any color combination of epoxy, flecks or no flecks. The Clear Anti-Slip Beads offer a unique one-color option for epoxy garage floors. Visit carguysflooring.com