Odin is a handsome, sleek black cat who came into foster care as a
semi-feral cat. He was very frightened and suspicious, but has worked hard
to learn to trust and enjoy contact with a few special people. Once he felt comfortable, he just
blossomed. Now he eagerly cuddles and seeks attention with loud purrs. He
likes to play, but is mostly very affectionate with the humans he has learned to trust. 

Odin really likes other cats and gets along beautifully with them. Having
other cats around helped him adjust to his new surroundings. 

Odin needs a home that is somewhat quiet, with not a lot of traffic and new
people going in and out. He is very shy around strangers. He will need
some time, understanding, and patience to adjust to a new home, but once he
settles in, the rewards will be great. 

Odin uses the box consistently, and can be left alone for hours at a time. 
If you have further questions, Odin’s foster mom would be willing to speak
with you! Just call Animal Friends at 412.847.7002 so we can make arrangements.