Psst… Wanna hear a secret? The bunny volunteers around here have nicknames for me. They think I don’t know, but I hear them calling me ‘Cuddlebunny’ and ‘Handsome Fellow.’ And I have to say, I can’t disagree with them. I AM quite the handsome cuddlebunny!

I like it best when I’m petted between my ears and I will often sit for a minute or two before running off to play. I’m young and I have a lot of energy to spare so I have to do the most with my free time! After a little cuddle time, I like to get out there and see the bunny world. There is much explore for a young bunny like me. I am waiting for a place of my own to call home that I can explore every day.

I’ve got it all, the white fur, the pink eyes and the personality to go with it. I’m an easy going guy and I get along with pretty much all of the bunnies here. I haven’t found my BFF yet but I’m taking my time and getting to know everyone. Besides, maybe my BFF will find me from the outside world instead. You just never know.

Come on in and visit me soon at Animal Friends. I bet you won’t be able to resist my good looks and winning personality