At every rally, the Limpnickie Lot leaves their footprint within the community, this year the goal will be to find a match for Aidan Seegar. Bobby and Elisa’s son Aidan has been diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Aidan is a beautiful 6 year old boy with huge blue eyes and a smile that is contagious. He is full of personality and laughter. He is in dire need of a bone marrow donor. You may know Aidans parents who run Indian Larry Legacy out of Brooklyn New York. The family is close to everyone at Limpnickie, Cycle Source magazine and us here at Garage-Girls. When something like this hits close to home, the only thing you can do is step up.

The Limpnickie Lot is proud to announce a marrow drive that will be taking place at the Lot, located inside the Buffalo Chip with the help of   Be the Match Foundation* . They will be on location from Monday the 8th till Thursday the 10th.  They are asking that donations be made to help Be the Match* defer the cost of processing every test.  Please take a moment and help out a family in need.

If you are not attending the rally and want to find out if you are the match, please go to and look for a drive or center near you. You can also request a mail-in kit, which is a painless cheek swab exam. This will put you in the marrow bank to not only help Aidan but potentially anyone else down the road with a similar situation. So please do not hesitate and get on board today.

We believe there is a match out there for Aidan, please find out if it’s you!

You can follow Aidan’s Posse at