For those of you that have been here on Garage-Girls for a while ,you might recall us posting about our Friends Bobby and Elisa’s 7 year old Son Aidan who is currently fighting a tough disease called ALD. Please take a moment to help out and register with the Bone Marrow Donor Program.
Hot Leathers is hosting a marrow donor recruitment drive with Bonfils Blood Center’s Colorado Marrow Donor Program (CMDP) to give hope to patients in need. Supporters may join the Be The Match Registry® on Saturday, Sept. 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Thunder in the Rockies  at the Hot Leathers trailer at 4250 Byrd Drive in Loveland.
CMDP and Hot Leathers want you to join the fight against childhood cancer and support Aidan Seeger, a seven-year-old boy with huge blue eyes, a contagious smile and a diagnosis of a rare brain disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). Aidan desperately needs a marrow transplant in order to help him spend more time with his family and friends.
ALD is a rare, inherited disorder that leads to progressive brain damage, failure of adrenal glands and eventually death. Every minute counts for Aidan.  The more time that passes without a match, the more damage he can suffer. A marrow transplant can help stop the progression of his disease allowing him to lead a longer, healthier life.
With his condition worsening, Aidan’s parents, Bobby and Elisa Seeger are appealing to the community to give their son and others suffering from blood-related diseases a second chance at life by registering to become a potential marrow or stem cell donor.  The Seegers active lifestyle in the motorcycle community prompted Hot Leathers to get involved and help them search for a lifesaving marrow donor.
Joining the Be The Match Registry® is fast, easy and painless. Anyone age 18-60 who is willing to donate to any patient in need and meets the health guidelines can join. Would-be donors simply complete a short health history and consent form and a sample of cells is collected through a cheek swab for initial testing.
You could give the opportunity of a lifetime — join the marrow registry to help Aidan, bless an entire family, and indeed bless the entire motorcycle community, who has come together in such an incredible way to help Aidan. Those who aren’t a match for Aidan will be placed on the Be The Match Registry’s® where they could match with another person waiting for someone selfless enough to offer them a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.
Those who are unable to join can still help. The Seegers need all the help they can get to continue their desperate search for a donor, to pay the mounting medical costs of Aidan’s medical treatment for ALD and to maintain their regular responsibilities.
The Seegers have established a blog, Aidan Has A Posse, to keep people updated on Aidan’s progress. They have scheduled a host of marrow drives and organized and promoted several benefits and events that are aimed at recruiting potential donors and raising money to help save Aidan’s life. The total cost to add a new member to the Be The Match Registry® is about $100. This includes the initial tissue typing tested needed to match donors to searching patients and other related costs. We ask that each potential donor and other caring community members to make a tax-deductible financial gift as close to this amount as possible.
Visit to order a red Support Aidan bracelet, make a donation and find out how to get a cheek swab kit. For more information about Bonfils’ CMDP please call 800.619.1099.