How many bike runs have you been on to support breast cancer?  Probably more than you can remember, right?  All of us here at Garage-Girls have participated in many events that raise money and awareness for the cure for breast cancer over the years, and while that has all been good and awesome, we always came down to the same point about it all; you never get to witness the effect and impact it has on an actual person.
There is nothing like being able to personally reach out and help someone, especially when they need it the most.   We found a great Husband and wife Team out of Georgia who feel the same way.  Jeremy and Nicole Johnson founded Cathy’s Help as a way to memorialize Jeremy’s mother Cathy Johnson, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005.
The goal is to help woman who are battling  breast cancer  with their daily bills, home repairs, medication, ect.   Things that Jeremy saw his mom need help with.  It’s these things that can add stress to the recovery and healing process. Believe it or not worrying about bills, repairs etc. will actually get in the way of recovery.
With Cathy’s help It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not, if you need help, they will find a way. Cathy’s help  operates solely on donations and 100% of the donations raised go into the account, no one’s working for CH benefit.
How it works:
Last year, Cathy’s Help had a woman in need of AC during the sweltering GA heat. Jeremy took the 2500.00 raised and hooked her up with a new unit. In 2011 Jeremy helped another woman named Barbara achieve her goal of making a trip to Sturgis Bike Week. Along with some support from Taber Nash, Jeremy towed Barbara’s bike along with other bikes headed to Sturgis, and they rode some beautiful rides together out in the gorgeous South Dakota landscape.
Cathy’s Help is focused on making those fighting the fight have a little perk in their step, a little something to let them know there are people who care. Anything can be accomplished with the help of others!
Take a moment to visit Cathy’s Help website and purchase a shirt or make a donation. It’s about time we support breast cancer in a way that will directly help those fighting the disease!