I am a spayed orange tabby, and rather good looking if I do say so myself. Perhaps that sounds a bit arrogant, but I figure there’s nothing wrong with having pride in one’s appearance. Besides, I have a marvelous ringed tail! At a year and a half I am mature enough to know the rules, but there is still a lot of kitten in me.

My buddy Merry and I were brought to Animal Friends because we were being neglected in our former home. I am certainly looking forward to getting lots of attention in my new home.
I really like to play! I am perfectly capable of amusing myself, but I love to have my person(s) interact with me using a cat toy. I love pouncing on a toy mouse (hopefully my new home won’t have any live ones) or running into an empty paper bag and pretending it is my lair in the wilderness!  Won’t you come meet me today at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh?