Poor Avery has a very sad story. He and his “dad” lived in a trailer in Greene County without electricity or plumbing. One chilly night, a kerosene heater started a fire and burned the trailer to the ground. Avery and his dad escaped, but the poor Beagle was so spooked that he darted off into a forest and was lost.

Avery’s dad called his local animal shelter for help. They promised that if a lost Beagle turned up, they would let him know. Well, soon Avery did come to their door…and when the shelter staff called his dad, he gratefully identified Avery over the phone and promised to come get him. But, sadly, his dad never came. The shelter staff soon learned that Avery’s dad, while en route to pick up his beloved Beagle, was killed in a car accident.
Avery is a wise, gray-haired little fellow. He’s calm, sweet, affectionate and very easy to walk. His mellow, go-with-the-flow attitude makes him popular with other dogs. Because he is a senior citizen, we recommend a home without stairs, but we’re sure he’ll adapt if you have steps and are willing to help him out. After all, he’s one tough little Beagle who has already survived much worse. Can you open your heart and home to Avery? Stop by today and meet him at Animal Friends.