This is an issue that can no longer be ignored, it is down right dangerous, something has to be done… Well things are getting done, laws are going into effect.  Great ,right? Well almost, this now gives law officials more reason to pull you over and we want to know how will law officials go about enforcing?
This is going to bring up lots of concern.   We found this law to go into effect on March 9th 2012 in the state of Pennsylvania. Look into your own states laws and be up-to date on what can happen with texting and driving.
This law will take effect on March 9, 2012.
The new law (75 / 3316) of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code states:
Texting while driving is a primary offense, meaning if a Police Officer observes the driver of a vehicle texting while your vehicle is being operated on a highway or roadway you can be pulled over and cited under this section.  Being a primary offense, means no other violation has to occur.
Texting while driving is the only reason needed to be pulled over.
The law prohibits all drivers from texting using the following devices while driving:
Wireless telephone
PDA – Personal digital assistant
Smart phone
Portable / Mobile computer
Any other device that can be used to text – e-mail – instant message or brows the internet
The law states that you can not send – read – or write a text based communication while driving.
• The penalty is a $ 50.00 fine.  There are costs related to this violation also, so the total fine would be $ 136.00.  There are no points attached to a conviction of this offense.
• This law supersedes any municipal ordinances.
Some things that are not affected by this law are: It is not considered texting if the operator of a vehicle: Reads – selects or dials a telephone number or selects a name in a wireless device as long as the purpose is a telephone call. Police Officers can not seize any device used to violate this section. In layman’s terms You still can make and receive telephone calls while driving.
You can not compose, send or read a text message, instant message or e-mail while driving.