photo credit Darren McKeag

Not sure about you ladies, but one of my top fashion picks is comfort.  I know, some will not be able to understand this, there are those that will sacrifice anything for style, but I’m just a simple girl who lets comfort rule most of my choices. Of course it has to be cute to catch my eye in the first place but if it’s not comfortable, see ya….  Now, comfort is even more important if your going to be on your feet cruisin’ the city streets all day and that is exactly why I chose this pair of boots from Harley-Davidson Footwear to hit the streets of Brooklyn NY. The Camille boot is COMFORTABLE featuring it’s full length cushion sock lining and Rubber outsole and heel. The Full grain leather upper is soft and supple allowing the boot to “flex” with my strides, basically nothing is jamming into my foot and causing any blisters, just the way I like a pair of boots to be. The Leather is a faded gray color that simply just goes with anything I throw together. You can rock these boots with jeans or even leggings with long socks and a cute skirt. Anyway you wear them I can guarantee you will be comfortable and ready to stay on your toes all day like I just was in the city.  Check them out online at