Primo has come a long way since he was rescued and brought to Animal Friends. Finally, he receives in the gentle, encouraging touch of our volunteers…which is a far cry from life in the basement he was rescued from.
Right now the only thing that motivates this frightened dog is food. He loves his Kibble. But with some coaxing and training, you’ll be rewarded for giving this little guy a new life. He deserves it after all he’s been through.
We’d like to see him move into to a quiet, adult home with a “safe haven” (a crate) for when he gets frightened, which happens a lot. You’ll need to be patient during house training, and aware that he may have ongoing medical needs and may never play like other dogs.
You hear about people who buy homes that are considered “fixer-uppers.” This way the new owners have a creative project to pour their love and personality into. Well, Primo is a fixer upper, one with a sweet grin and cute little ears.
If you choose to adopt this special dog, you will watch him learn about living in a real home with a loving family.
You know you at least want to come visit him today at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh.