I’ve seen the Garage Girls Biker Make-Over contest since 2010, have always thought to enter, but never saw myself as a gal with the greater need. This year, 2012 was different. This year I had loads of problems with the bike that needed attention, and I really needed some warmer clothing for riding this winter. I felt I had better not let an opportunity like this slip by one more year. Another reason I didn’t hesitate to write my essay for Garage Girls was because the rules had changed. The winner would no longer be required to attend the Carlisle, PA BikeFest Show to accept. That’s a huge burden off our shoulders, no matter who wins!
I wrote my essay and sent it to the email address I found on their web-site: www.garage-girls.com I then kept my fingers crossed, hoping my essay would be one of four chosen to move to the next round. Knocking on wood, finger crossed and a million prayers later, I was informed I’d made it to the next round which would be the voting round. My story as well as the story of three other well deserving folks was posted to the Garage-Girls website and we were encouraged to get our friends, neighbors and strangers to vote for us. I went at this with a passionate dedication. I visited every friend I had with email and phone calls, telling them about Garage-Girls and their contest. I asked them to read each of the contestant’s stories and vote, hopefully for me, but I encouraged them to vote for who they felt passionate about. I started to see the votes swing one way, then another. The lead bounced between me and one other contestant, but in the end my friends prevailed with a huge push and bounced the votes to my favor. I gratefully acknowledge the friends who went to all their friends and encouraged others to read and vote. The more people who know about Garage-Girls and their web-site, the better for all of us!
I was notified I had won in early August, and three days after notification the 1st of the prizes started to arrive. The guy in the big brown van always uses my driveway as a turnaround spot, but on this day in August he STOPPED in my driveway and bounced from his truck with his arms full. It was Wizards Products and Avon Tires who delivered that day! What beautiful products from each of them. I lined up my gifts from Wizards on my bike and photographed them. I received a full complement of cleaning, shining and protective products for the paint and metal on my bike as well as a handy storing-travel case for the products! The Avons are a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a set, but found all kinds of reasons NOT to invest in their product. Now that I know how well they work for my style of mountain riding, I will not hesitate to put them on my bike again next season!
The next item to make its way to my door is the case of Spectro Oil and Mustang Seats. I can always use a case of 20W50 full syn for the bike, this saves me loads of money, and I’m all for saving money.
The folks at Mustang knew I just received a seat from them a few months previous to winning. I was contacted by Sara Liberte who had spoken with Marilyn Simmons at Mustang. Sara said Mustang was offering a luggage set to me instead of the seat. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YES! I went to Mustang’s website and picked out the luggage I wanted for my bike. I am delighted with the Studded Journey Bag they sent! How generous of Mustang to offer this deal to me. Thank you, Mustang, I love you guys!

Next was Hot Leathers. Oh my…Hot Leathers! Their website has been one of those places I go to when I want to dream about me in leather… now I have one of their jackets hanging near the door and tucked into the pockets are the pair of gloves I won from them too. I wear both items daily now that fall has dropped the temps here in North East Tennessee. I’m no longer quite so dependent on the cylinder heads to keep my hands warm in the morning! Hot Leathers also provided me with 2 new T-Shirts that wear like they were made just for me. Now that’s Hot Leathers!
During this time, I was also in communication with Progressive Suspension. I was told I would be receiving a rear set of shocks from them for my bike, but I was in total desperate need of front suspension. I offered to forego the rear suspension if they would simply ship me the parts for the front. The guys at Progressive did me one better by shipping me both front and rear suspension! I’m so stoked over their generous offerings; I sing praises and offer up prayers every time I lean into a mountain curve. The folks at Progressive sure are getting a lot of prayers from me this year. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how my bike feels with new suspension on the rear and the front of her. She hasn’t felt this good under me in more years than I care to admit. Progressive ROCKS and their work is above reproach.
Otter Box sent me a letter with a claim ticket. Told me to go online and pick out the Otter Box I wanted for my phone. Can you believe I had never heard of Otter Box before then? I had no clue what they were or what services or products they provided. I do now, and you can bet my Smart Phone don’t go anywhere without the protection of Otter Box! This product wraps my phone in a hugging, loving, rubber-like suit (not unlike a wet suit) that protects my phone from the weather and from my careless handling. What a God send! It’s saved my phone more than once.
Next are my boots and a pair of sandals from Harley Davidson Footwear. I didn’t know they made footwear that looks like this. Talk about sexy legs…those sandals have a heel on them that makes me look 3 inches taller and give the word sexy a bit of push in my direction. I’ll take all the help I can get! The boots are calf high with a low profile heel. The uppers of this boot are studded and are made from the softest of leather. The side zipper allows me to easily slip them on and off. Talks about Heaven in a motorcycle boot, these boots are so comfortable, I can walk in them for 9 hours and not feel wore out or blistered: I am one lucky gal. I will be receiving one more pair of boots of my own choice in a few weeks. I can’t wait to try them on as well. These boots are the finest I’ve ever owned.
Last in the lineup of gifts is the pipe wrap from DEI. When I opened the box, I discovered BLACK (how did they know that was the color I desired?) wrap and 2 T-shirts, along with all the hardware needed to install and secure the product properly. I’ve wanted this stuff for about 2 years. My pipes do not have covers on them and I’m very tired of burning holes in my pant legs! YEA!!!!!!!! In the next week or two, I will have the wrap on and I will be one of the happiest gals on the planet!
My bike is clean thanks to Wizards Products. My bike now handles luggage like a pro, indeed thanks to Mustang and their inspired luggage. Her engine oil is changed and clean (it’s like being sure her underwear is clean, wouldn’t you agree?). She tracks straight and true in a curve, no more chatter in the front end, and that rear end has brought me stability and comfort I didn’t know existed on a Sporty! In a few weeks, when I put my feet down, I can be sure I won’t be melting my pants to my leg, what a blessing that will be, thank you DEI for this great product. Otter Box? What can I say about them? Whew, I love the product. NOTHING protects your phone like Otter Box. Last and surely not least is HOT LEATHERS, whose jacket and gloves are giving me warmth and great fashion well into fall and winter this year.
Thank you Sara Liberte for putting together all these products, thus allowing guys and gals like me the chance to experience and have in our possession quality products such as the ones offered by Garage-Girls Biker Make-Over.