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We caught a glimpse of these new foot pegs from Kuryakyn and thought we would share them with you all. The Riot collection features authentic motocross styling for steadfast stability, traction, and control to run wild on or off-road. We have to admit, off road has been more of an interest for us lately.

The traditional MX-styled designs deliver the essential support aggressive riders need to rip up the streets, tracks or trails. Constructed from durable single aluminum castings with a serrated-tooth top surface for surefooted grip and rugged style, with specially coated bead-blasted satin silver or satin black textured finishes that are extremely resilient.

Riot Footpegs and Mini Boards accept model-specific splined adapters (sold separately) for precise angle adjustment on Harley-Davidson®, Indian®, Victory® and a wide range of metric models. The Mini boards also offer forward, center or rear positioning of the adapters for ideal placement. Riot Shift Pegs are available in two applications as a direct replacement for all H-D shift levers, the shift peg on Indian big twins, as well as the shift and brake peg locations on Indian Scouts and select Victory models including the Octane.

Coming soon to the Riot collection are direct-replacement H-D driver floorboards, as well as grips for dual-cable or fly-by-wire H-D models, plus universal 7/8″ and 1″ handlebars for Indian Scouts, Victory Octanes, select metric models and Can-Am Spyders.
Check them out online here

Super Touring Comfort for Freewheeler

Thrilled with your Freewheeler but just need to sit back further?  Want a slightly wider seating area?  By popular demand, Mustang has now added their “Super” Touring style to their line of seats for these 2015-17 H-D models.

The 19″ wide driver seat on the Super Touring provides truly maximum seating radius plus sits the rider about 2″ further back compared to Mustang’s Standard Touring seat for the Freewheeler.  The passenger will enjoy a slightly bucketed and very ample 14″ wide seating area.

These Super Touring seats complete Mustang’s range of options for the Freewheeler, which include a Standard Touring seat plus a Forward Touring design which moves the driver 2″ forward for easier steering control.  All three options feature detailed, automotive-inspired stitching, a front bucket drain hole and a built-in driver backrest receiver.  Add an optional, fully adjustable driver backrest to any style for all day back support.

As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their historic New England facility (tours by appointment).  For more information, or call Mustang at 800-243-1392



BRIAN THE BOBBLEHEAD wants to see the world, and we need YOU to make that happen. Want to be a part of the #BTBKrew? It’s simple – and we won’t ask much – just welcome our little bobblehead into your life, show him a good time, and you could win some awesome prizes while you’re at it.

• You’ll be the proud owner of one of the last Limited Edition Brian the Bobblehead figures.
• Win prizes!! … lots and lots of prizes!!
• Discount codes & Klock merch
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• Have we mentioned that there will be prizes?

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Kuryakyn Announces Sprint Signature Series Build Battle

Kuryakyn dealers armed with the new Sprint Signature Series by John Shope are battling it out to see who can build the “baddest” Indian® Scout. Five dealerships were enlisted to showcase their creativity in a friendly war of the wrenches, demonstrating the versatility of the Sprint Signature Series and its ability to transform Scout and Scout Sixty platforms.

The contestants are only limited by their own imagination. There are no rules regarding theme, total cost or design style. The lone requirement is that each build entry must utilize the entire Kuryakyn Sprint Signature Series by John Shope, including the Sprint Front Fender, Café Fairing, Chin Spoiler and various Sprint frame/body accents. Each participating dealer was also supplied with Crusher® Maverick Slip-Ons for use on their build.
Online public voting open now and running through Friday, February 10 will decide the winning Scout. The winning dealership will be announced on Tuesday, February 14. Fans can vote for their favorite build and learn more about the inspiration behind each design at
The five dealerships participating in the Sprint Signature Series Build Battle are:
•Bison Thunder Motorcycle (St. Michael, Minn.)
•Coastal Indian Victory Motorcycles (Murrells Inlet, S.C.)
•Lynnwood Motoplex (Lynnwood, Wash.)
•Rollin’ Fast Cycle Sports (East Lebanon, N.J.)
•Tytlers Cycle (De Pere, Wis.)
The Sprint collection by John Shope is the first release in the Kuryakyn Signature Series, which showcases skillfully crafted designs from top custom bike builders. The Sprint Signature Series is produced exclusively by Kuryakyn and available through its worldwide dealer and distributor network. Endless customizing options, quality construction, and easy installation with precise fitment make the Sprint collection a must-have for any custom Scout project.
Vote for your favorite build now at 


They might not be the sexiest upgrade, but the new Kuryakyn® Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflectors are certainly effective when it comes to improving rider comfort in the cockpit.

Now available for select Indian® and Victory® models, Lower Triple Tree Wind Deflectors redirect wind and water passing through the fork legs downward to reduce noise levels, moisture and turbulent upward airflow between the tank and fairing. The durable stamped steel deflectors mount discreetly to the lower tree beneath the fairing for a clean look that’s hardly noticeable.

There’s a reason why these are a hit with the Harley-Davidson® crowd and continue to be a top seller for Kuryakyn since their introduction in 2009—because they flat-out work. Take a look at them here;

Get Low and Back with Mustang’s Super Tripper

Are you, or someone you know needing a little extra room to stretch out on your ride?
Feeling a bit cramped?  Looking for a lean seat but need more room when you ride?  Sit lower and further back with Mustang’s new Super TripperTM seat for 2008-17 FL models.

The 13.5″ wide driver seat provides maximum seating radius plus sits the rider slightly lower and 1″ further back compared to Mustang’s top selling DayTripperTM seats.  The passenger seating area is 10″ wide.

Choose from two different cover patterns to reflect your personal style:  the Super TripperTM “Classic” with traditional black stitch lines

or the Super TripperTM “Carbon Fiber” that features a carbon fiber vinyl center panel with detailed gun metal stitching.

As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their New England facility (tours are available by appointment).  For more information, visit

Super TripperTM Classic seat for 2008-17 Fl models:  #75201   MSRP $399
Super TripperTM Carbon seat for 2008-17 Fl models: #75202 MSRP $419

What it’s like to be an Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner!

We catch up with our 2016 Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner Leah Misch to find out how she is enjoying all her new gear. She has been fortunate to receive some help from some of our sponsors with the install of her new parts, and even got help from the La Crosse, WI camera club to take some photo’s. We love nothing more than being able to help riders stay safe on the road with new gear for them AND their Motorcycle!


GG- How did you hear about the Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover?
LM-I saw an add for the contest as I flipped through American Iron Magazine dreaming about buying a new pair of riding boots after literally wearing a hole through my 6 year old riding boots.

GG- What promoted you to enter the Ultimate Biker Makeover Contest?
LM- I tore out the page from the magazine add and thought about entering the contest for almost a month before finally deciding to sit down and write the essay.  I’ve always struggled with writing and hesitated entering the contest since I thought I wouldn’t likely win.  But as I trained for my first Half Ironman I thought back to the days when I contemplated if I could run a 5k.  The beginning steps in anything is to ‘try’.  Even if I didn’t win the contest, it would get me to take the first steps in writing a book many people have told me I need to do.
GG- Now that you have won, what do you think of the prizes?
LM- AWESOME; I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING I WON ALL THESE AMAZING PRIZES!!! I LOVE SCOUTS NEW SPORTY EDGE!!!  Ill totally put everything to good use in finishing my 50 state goal
GG- If you could encourage others who are down on their luck for any obstacle in life, how would you encourage them? What would you say?
  LM- “Take the first step in faith, you may not see the whole staircase; but just take the first step”- “Life begins outside of your comfort zone”.
Life’s like a bike; to keep balanced you must keep going’- Einstein         
  These quotes were some of my most life changing quotes as I took many first steps in life when I wanted to give up…. instead I keep going as I continue to live towards my bucket list goals I set for myself after leaving an abusive relationship I was lucky to survive. Ex… Running my fist 5k after overcoming morbid obesity. Taking my first steps after breaking my back to later finishing marathons.  Flying into hurricanes to help victims of disaster during crisis situations. Learning to first ride a motorcycle and years later traveling across the country on a motorcycle, solo.

GG- Any advice for others thinking about entering the Ultimate Biker Makeover contest in 2017?
LM- “You Go Girl” is a motto I share with others to overcome adversity, break through barriers, and achieve the goals you set for yourself. 
 Remember, the only limits are those you set for yourself.  Take the first step and just try; you may not see what’s at the top of the staircase, but just take the first step to try something new because life begins outside of your comfort zone.
GG- Any special words you want to send to all the sponsors who help make this happen?
LM- Thank you for sponsoring a contest which encouraged me to not only keep riding safely; but to learn how to work on my bike myself. I added a set of tools to my Christmas List and hope to continue exploring motorcycle maintenance and the DIY work on Scout!  Thanks Garage Girls and all the awesome sponsors! 
   Special thanks to Sara Liberte for starting a contest that literally changed my life.  I’m excited to ride fashionable and safe as I continue my 50 state goal
   P.S. my 50 state goal first started when I put on my list “to see the Statue of Liberty”.  I got in my car and drove by myself from Minnesota to New York to see the Statue of Liberty.  The statue represents a woman escaping the chains of tyranny, which lie at her feet as she holds the flaming torch of liberty in her right hand)- You Go Girl!  Thank you Sara ‘Liberte!!!’
   After doing a solo trip in my car to the east coast to see the Statue of Liberty; I gained the confidence and love for traveling.  That is when I added to the bucket list ‘watch the sun rise or set in all 50 states by age 30’…  Alaska is my last state, which I’m now hoping to finish my 50 state goal and take Scout with me safely in style  You Go Girl!!


Thank you to Our AMAZING sponsors who help make this happen for very deserving people!

Avon Tyres, S&S Cycle, Mustang Seats, Vance & Hines, Spectro Oil, Hijinx Apparel, Harley-Davidson Footwear, Klock Werks, J&P Cycles, and Baker Drivetrain.

A blessing riding motorcycles


I knew the minute I met this lady that she was unique, special and meant to cross paths with me. We were riding motorcycles cross country. She was excited to ride her scooter up Pikes Peak. She had an unfortunate run in with another motorist on the way up. Robert Pandya and I were right there behind her and were able to help her out after she went down, thanks to My Medic!! Her main concern was getting her “snow girl” to the top of pikes peak for a photo. I was happy to make that happen for her. She thanked me with a ride bell. I know that ride bell kept us safe on the rest of our over 7500 mile journey. Thank you Madella, your friendship is a blessing. I love the friendships you make while riding motorcycles.


Niner /White An encounter with an Angel on the Sister’s Centennial Ride


Some people you meet and you just automatically know there is a reason why this person is in your life. You don’t chalk it up to just a coincidence, you know better. You know there is a bigger force behind it all. You probably don’t know what that force is, or have figured any of it out, but you just know.  There is a reason, and you take peace in knowing that someday, the reason will be clear to you.  It may be later that day, maybe later that week, or maybe even later that year, but it will come, and it will all make sense to you.

I had that feeling the night I met Marjorie White and Lisa Niner in Springfield, Massachusetts.

We were on the Sister’s Centennial Motorcycle Ride, honoring the cross country route that Adeline and Augusta Van Buren had bravely ridden by themselves a century earlier aboard Indian Motorcycles trying to prove their worth to the United States Army.

I was working and had my video camera with me when Lisa made a comment about my Nike SFB boots. I myself did not serve in the military, but being engaged to a man that served, I was introduced to some of the best gear to work and play in.  Lisa had served, and served an amazing career in the Army.  We instantly had a bond going and she made me smile. I ran into her again at the opening reception party for the ride and this time she had Marjorie White with her.  I have no idea how the subject even came up, but Marjorie and I were soon talking about personal family moments and we were both in tears, and at that point I knew we were going to be great friends and share something special on this journey we were about to take part in. We were leaving to ride cross country on motorcycles, for 3 weeks.    The days were filled with beautiful landscapes and interesting historical places of significance.  The nights for me were filled with editing into the early hours of the morning, but for everyone else they were filled with bonding over great moments from the miles ridden that day.  We tried our best to ride with as many different groups as we could, there were over 68 women riding from coast to coast and we kept picking up more along the route.

As always, some of my best times and memories come from letting things happen organically. I have to at some degree do some planning when journalism and photography and video are involved, but I really do try my hardest to just let things happen and be ready to capture the moments that present themselves.  That proved to be the case this day. We were leaving Ely Nevada to ride into Carson City. We thought we knew what we were going to do, but as the morning progressed, I found myself in the parking lot with Lisa Niner and Marjorie White.  I asked if they would mind riding with us so we could grab some footage and spend some time together.   They accepted and we were off.   Watching them ride down the road reminded me of the scene from Easy Riders when Wyatt and Billy are just blasting down the road enjoying the freedom of the ride. I could see the heavy burdens we all were carrying with us start lifting, we were all open to that feeling of just being in the moment, like time almost standing still.  We rolled into a small town to get some fuel.  Marjorie was heavy with thoughts of her son and brother who had both passed away.  We gave her the time she needed and decided we would ride up the street to a very neat looking, old run down store to hang out and take some photo’s.


Marjorie was pulling around, hit some sand and dumped her bike, Lisa started cracking up and grabs her phone snapping shots of her friend who is on the ground with her motorcycle!  I’m thinking “What is going on?”   I run over, they are both laughing and ask me to get in the photo. This was tradition for them, when one falls over they take pics and laugh, after making sure the other is ok of course.  We all laughed and got ourselves picked up off the ground.

We shared some more time talking about our lives and the challenging times we all have had to face. We were all using this ride as a way to find some healing in our own personal ways. I think anyone that does a long ride like this ends up finding some personal healing and or growth, even if they are not open to it.

Our delay pushed us back even further when we found out Marjorie had bent her shift lever. A little side of the road repair and we were back out on the long, lonely roads of Nevada.


We were planning on stopping at the official lunch stop of the ride, to meet up with the rest of the group, but with our delays we decided to stop at the next town we rolled into. Austin Nevada.  We found the coolest old Country store/restaurant/bar and walked in.  There was a young girl having a conversation with the older women behind the counter.  The three of us looked at each other, we were just so impressed with the conversation this young girl was having, she sounded so mature.  She started talking about riding her dirt bike, so we joined in the conversation and told her we have been riding motorcycles for the last few weeks and were traveling from Brooklyn, NY to San Fransico, Ca.  The young girl just nodded and said ‘Cross country riding, boy I bet that is just the most fun you could ever have.”  She was right.  Niner handed her a card that explained all about the sister’s centennial ride.  She looked at the card and repeated the word centennial a few times. She then pointed out that the “T” in centennial had such importance, stating that is is the “Soul of the word, it carries all the spirit of that word.”   Again, the three of us were just shocked by the things this young girl was saying.  Her lunch order came up, she grabbed her food, thanked the lady behind the counter and said good bye to us.  I asked her name and she said her name was Chole, I asked her how old she was, “I’m nine years old M’am.” she responded as she walked out the door.


We all decided that young girl was supposed to cross paths with us, if it weren’t for all our strange delays on the ride that day, we would have never met Chloe.  Marjorie was convinced she was an angel that her son Tom sent down to us.  Later I found out the meaning of the name Chloe,  it means  “new growth, or new beginning.”


I have to send a big thank you to Tommy for sending us that angel, she slowed us all down that day and reminded us that on our journey through life, we will never stop learning, never stop experiencing challenges, and it’s all because we are meant to continually grow through life.  Thank you Chloe, for showing us it’s ok to start a new journey, and more importantly it’s ok to have the “T” the “cross” in our life, for the cross will help carry us through those tough times awakening our soul and spirit.   By the way, Nine is a number of spiritual awakening and the color meaning of white is purity, wholeness and completion.  Thank you Lisa NINER and Marjorie WHITE for sharing this journey with me. We will forever be friends and we will forever share our stories of growth from next journey’s.

SLP_2514_IMG_2244 1_

2016 Ultimate Biker Makeover Winner: Leah Misch.


After reading over 60 submissions, we narrowed our entries down to the final four. From the final four we had to make our decision. This was a tough year, as usual, but it appears the contest is growing and the submissions are piling up. Leah’s story of overcoming challenges while riding alone touched all of us. It’s one thing to deal with these challenges with your group of riding friends, it’s an entirely different scenario when traveling solo.
Unfashionable and Unsafe- B.A.B.E
An adventurous soul and bucket-list goals lead me to some serious touring across the United States; and ultimately my need for a biker makeover. I bought a brand new motorcycle and headed into the great unknown. The roads took me from coast to coast through high winds, forest fires, hail, tornados, and many thunderstorms. In the 17,000 miles I turned this past year; I literally wore holes through my riding gear. My worn out gear is unfashionable and unsafe which is exactly why I need a biker makeover, especially after the events on Lookout Mountain…
My rain gear was essential weathering many storms. One storm in particular made me realize how much I needed a biker makeover. I suited up for a forecasted day of rain and riding. Zipping up my rain gear; my zipper broke. Just my luck! As I continued down the road sprinkles fell from the sky and I felt my right leg dampen. Oh no, I burnt a hole through my rain gear onto my muffler! My shiny new muffler was now decorated with pink rain gear. ‘What else can go wrong today’, I muttered to myself.
Perforated rain gear doesn’t do much good so I stopped at an under-pass to made a quick repair. Improvising in the situation, I rolled my pant leg up to keep the loose pieces from burning further onto my muffler. I took electrical tape from my saddle bag and wrapped a few loops around and around my leg to secure the loose ends. As I pulled back onto the road I looked a little B.A.B. (Bad Attire Biker). My jacket flapped like bat-women in the wind and I wore an electrical taped garter around my leg as I continued down the road.
When I reached my hotel I patched the hole in my pink rain gear with a higher quality patch; red duct tape! I was now upgraded to B.A.D.T.B. (Bad Attire Duct Tape Biker). In that moment I wondered if I should be concerned with my appearance. As a solo women rider traveling thousands of miles across the United States people frequently stop to ask me about my travels and gear. My duct tape gear wasn’t fashionable, but they were functional.
My fashion issues turned into a safety issue; which is why I need a biker makeover. After a fresh drizzle of rain on Lookout Mountain I slowed to stop at an intersection to make a descending right turn down the mountain. I lost my center of balance when I crossed the slick white paint. I put my foot down to stop, but the worn out treads were too slick and my foot slipped from underneath. I laid down my new motorcycle spraining my ankle. I took off my boot and realized I had a hole worn right through the sole of the shoe. ‘No wonder I lost my footing, I could have prevented if I had functional gear’, I thought to myself. My head hung low, I looked at my new motorcycle with scratches running across the pipes decorated with pink rain gear.
My gear is not only unfashionable but unsafe which leads to my biker makeover needs. Appropriate riding gear is a MUST in riding safe. In 2014, over 92,000 injuries resulted from motorcycle accidents. Functional riding gear is essential to prevent accidents and keep motorcyclists safe. I’m asking for a new pair of heels to get me back on the road and keep me safe. Please help me be a B.A.B.E… ‘Better Attire Biker Eventually’!